Shooting Over To Video Production

Next week, we will begin the process of learning what it takes to write, shoot, produce and edit a news/feature report.  There will be a lecture on both video production and on performance development.  You will be quizzed on the lecture.

There will also be an in-class demonstration/tutorial on the use of both the video camera and on Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will be required to turn in a written proposal on the news or feature report you are planning on producing.  Your proposal will include, but is not limited to:

  • Rationale for your story.
  • Your choice of talent (who will do the stand ups and voice-overs).
  • Potential selection of people to interview (check guidelines on the website for this).
  • Potential location(s) where you will shoot your story.

This proposal is not due just yet, but for your next blog post (this Friday or next Friday), please write about what you are considering for your news/feature report.  Some examples can be found on the course website at:


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