Almost Over


We will make in-class presentations on Wednesday, April 26th, and Thursday, April 27th.  This will be our last official days of class.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!  You will be expected to speak about your video, as well as play it in class.  This will count as an in-class assignment.  Failure to not show up and present will result in lowering your overall grade by 2%.

For your final class blog, please write a retrospective of the course.  Since this may be the last time you post to your blog (hopefully not), bring it full-circle.  This can include (but is not limited to) how much you have grown in terms of knowledge over the semester, your views on multimedia before and after the semester, and just how much you loved your professor (if applicable).  Your final multimedia post is due as well.

I will do my best to have your projects graded as quickly as possible.  I have seen some very good work so far; keep it up…you’re almost done!!!


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